UOW Malaysia KDU Makerspace


The UOW Malaysia KDU Makerspace is a place to safely use tools and equipment to explore your creativity and test your technical skills. It's currently located in UOW Malaysia KDU, Glenmarie campus and is open to all students and staff to explore.

Welcome to UOW Malaysia KDU Makerspace

Have you ever wanted to explore the laneways of Morocco without getting on a plane? Or create your own game controlled by a banana? Or make something out of nothing on a 3D printer? Now you can.

  • Learn to use new tech and tools.
  • Put your knowledge and skills to practice.
  • Meet like-minded makers.

House Rules

Safety first

Look out for your other makers and get inducted if you want to use any of the specialised equipment/ tools. Use equipment/ tools in the way they are meant to be used. If there are any issues with equipment/ tools, inform Makerspace staff immediately. You are not allowed to run multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously.

Watch what you wear

Closed toed shoes are required to protect your feet against cuts whenever you are in Makerspace. Avoid any baggy/ lacy clothing, remove all jewelleries and accessories, tie up long hair and long beards so that it is not dangling off your head that could get you hooked.

No food and drinks

There is no food and drinks allowed in the Makerspace at any time.

Keep it clean

Tidy your work area when you are finished and leave it clean for the makers who come after you.

Punctuality and Time Management

Out of respect for others, be mindful of the allocated time slot.